You are lord of lords you are king of kings you are mighty god, lord of everything

2012-09-01 20:37:00
''You're Emanuel you're the great I am. You're the prince of peace who is the lamb. You're my living god, you're my saving grace, you will reign forever you are ancient of days. You are alpha omega beginning and end. You're my savor Messiah redeemer and friend. You're my prince of peace and I will live my life for you.''

Postat av: Cajsa FOTO

Cackra bilder :D

2012-09-02 @ 14:27:17
Postat av: S A N N A

sv: :)♥

2012-09-03 @ 19:01:31
Postat av: elisabeth-fotoblogg

Gud vilka fina bilder! Kommer följa din blogg i fortsättningen!

2012-10-05 @ 22:14:43

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